Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

What a difference 2 months makes!



And the hcg is……….drumroll please!



Why worry? No symptoms except being tired so was worried about how well it/they had stuck. Dont feel pregnant, such a surreal feeling, but one i am just enjoying the thought of.

As it was a frozen cycle i counted from transfer to today (12 days) and added 5 (for 5 day transfer).a

Anyway as you can see from the betabase pics i took a while ago, i was expecting around the same average score at around 17 days past ovulation, about 300 ish.

Well, mine was ………… 752! 🙂

That is even above the twin average score!

Regardless of singleton or twins, am just hoping that means it/they are well n truly STUCK and healthy! Xo


Pineapple routine

Not really sure why but, have taken to eating a big feed of pineapple each night while cooking tea. I did read it somewhere on dr google that it helps with implantation. Not sure if its true but its like a security blanket, along with the crinone cream and headaches from progesterone tablets. It has gotten me where i am so am not going to stop and risk any progress that has happened so far.

I could live on vegetables so If nothing else, i count the pineapple as at least one of my 2 pieces of fruit each day.

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12 hours after the two week wait


Well, this morning at 6am, at 10dp5dt of 2 frosties, I found myself blubbing like a baby, sitting on the loo.

Pants around ankles, head against the wall and a positive pregnancy test.

My partner on his fishing trip, wasn’t answering his phone.

My best friend, his sister, was jogging training for a half marathon.

The brother in law was the only one who would talk to me (& apparently he was asleep till i rang!)

My darling ranga partner rang a few minutes later and was absolutely blown away as he thought i was testing tomorrow!

Below is a photo he took straight after we got off the phone to each other. I see it as a special message-all is great with the world.

The first small hurdle has been jumped! Bring it on! 🙂



One sleep till showtime!

Well everyone, its currently 10pm in Queensland and i am overtired again so about to head to sleep. Cant handle the twelve day wait so in the morning I am doing my 1st poas @ 9dp5dt and am home alone and as nervous as hell!!!!

Next time we talk i either will be or wont be…..wish someone could just do it for me!

Good night 🙂 xo



Melt down at work

I am so so so tired.

My darling ranga was over excited about his fishing trip today he was up before 4am, preparing to leave at 6. Outside our bedroom window i could hear everything he was doing, napping in bits, awake in the others.

He left and then i got organised for work. Car keys were gone! He had them last. Grrrrr but smiling!

Other keys sorted and morning was going ok another parent failed to show up for interviews….grrrr but smiling!

Mid morning was working with colleague/friend and she was drilling me….. Remember we said…. Remember we were doing this…… Yes you can, you were thinking…..

And i stopped thinking. My mind went blank.

I walked out of my room, left her to supervise my students and i went straight to the support room (how convenient!). Scared the poor support teachers who went into overdrive, cuddling me, sending messages to make sure my class was covered, cancelling their appointments, sending students away, telling the principal.

All for me.

It has been coming. My boss has been waiting- we were talking on Monday about it.

There are little bits i have forgotten lately- get my wallet from inside to go shopping, make a phone call, losing my keys this morning (found in my dressing gown!) Its all adding up.

I can handle my partner being away, i am not handling the two week wait. I am 9 days past 5 day transfer and so confused. So tired.

I see people on here tested 3 days past a 3 day transfer with accurate results.

I want to know but i want to do it on the weekend. But i don’t want to do it!

I haven’t had the twitches as much as last time (pregnant about a week). They are there less and not as strong. Ranga says maybe these are the right ones to have, last twitches didn’t work so, maybe! This afternoon there was twitches left and right while walking gently with friend.

Not long till saturday morning, but got to get there first.

Someone please just decide for me………..

Soooooo tired.


How do I love thee? Let me count the days. <3

Ok girls….spit it! How long did you wait to pee on that not-so-magical stick? Tell me!

My two week wait looks like this and I want some thoughts on it…..

Thursday-8dp5dt-ranga partner leaves for 10 day fishing trip 🙂
Friday-9dp5dt- work till 4pm
Saturday-10dp5dt- um er nothing!!
Sunday-11dp5dt- should be blood test but not happening because of weekend.
Monday-12dp5dt-blood test then work till 3pm. Have Professional Development till 3-6pm. Dr office closes at 4:30pm.

🙂 So my thoughts are these- doing poas on either Saturday or Sunday because:

1) would hate to get phone call at lunchtime that its negative then return to my classroom of socio-economically deprived students.

2) would hate to be carpooling to the prof.devt and get either bfn or bfp call.

3) if I do it on wkend, can have friend there if I want and deal with whatever the dice of life rolls.

4) if I do it on wkend, is Saturday 10dp5dt too early????

PLEASE tell me your thoughts.


What if I am a fraud?

I feel like I am being very selfish and mean. I am being pampered by my ranga partner, family and friends that know.

I am now 4 days past a 5 day transfer and officially in the tww (two week wait) and not doing a very good job. (As you can see I have blogged everything in the last 4 days, and I mean everything!)

My ranga-man told me this morning to leave the washing up, he will do it later. Sit down baby. Don’t do anything you don’t want to. Get some vitamin D. Chill on the swing seat. Fold the washing if you feel up to it……….

At a camp oven dinner with the in-laws and their friends last night, I sat there like a princess. Are you warm enough? Oh its ok you’ve just eaten all the leftover pineapple that was for dessert. No stay there we can carry in the 60 trays if leftovers. Do you need a drink?…………

And on and on it goes.

I am not ungrateful, I am very appreciative of them and their expectations of me.

I DO want to just sit and do nothing.

I DO want to relax and chill.

But, what if this cycle fails too?

I will look back and feel like such a fraud! They too would have wasted their energy running after me when, even then, I couldn’t deliver the goods!


The yes no wait in overdrive

As I head to the shower, 3 days and 7 hours past a 5 day transfer of 2 lil frozen ones, I stop to check myself out. I have had tightening, not twinges, on my right side all day, even feeling a bit pinchy tonight so the brain is in overdrive.

Do my boobs look like they have veins?

Are my nipples sore or bigger?

Is my pelvis tighter? Bloated? Swollen?

Will I pee lots during tonight?

Surely I am not the only one that follows this ritual.

All good questions that will be answered next week. Stay tuned!

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Pineapples and labradors

About to head to town to buy groceries and am 3dp5dt of frosties. Its the only time I can convince my darling ranga partner to join me on the not-so-joyous job of buying food. I don’t want to have to carry groceries or push the trolley. And gonna track own some hopefully fresh pineapple (good for implantation according to Dr Google!)

Anyway, I am sure this pic will come in handy down town as I am guaranteed to run into kids from school or friends and their tribes.

Just want to share….


Have a happy, sunny positive Saturday. I will be!

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