Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

Its always the 24th…..

This pregnancy has revolved around the 24th of most months.

My 5day transfer took place on 24th April.

My first scan was on the 24th of May.

I had spotting and emergency appointment @ 11wks 4 days on 24th June (& another scan!)…. The gp even asked my due date (9 January 14 = add them 9+1+14=24) as i mentioned had had scans exactly two months apart and she said, you will have it on the 24th December then ha ha ha!

I believe I felt the Ranga baby move for first time on 23rd July.

Our first photo with my darling partner, baby bump and myself was 24th August.

And today is the 23rd and i am booked in to my lil Russian Ob, for my 24wk checkup!!

Lets add some more 24’s now I think about it…..

My partners birthday is the 24th, next month….. The big 4-oh!

My first pregnancy miscarried 13yr ago on the 24th September…..

I bought my first solo house purchase on 24th September 2006…..

Now, not to do with the 24th but another interesting date I have found in my life is Nov 15.


I graduated high school on November 15th forever ago…..

My last coke (ahhhhh Coke i miss you!) was November 15th last year……also the day I met my Ivf miracle worker, Dr Hotty!

I was looking at finishing work perhaps at 32wks, pulled out the calendar and can u guess the date? November 15th! Exactly one year since our appointment that has turned our lives around…..

Now it may all be codwash, but it is interesting you have to admit 🙂

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What a difference 2 months makes!



11weeks 4days and just perfect!

After a worrying few days over the weekend, I got an appointment straight away with my GP on Monday morning. Even tho I havent had my initial meeting with her yet, she knows we are pregnant and all the details, she got straight to the business of the spotting and sent me straight for a scan.I wanted to take my step-daughter (18yo) who has been involved in all of our ivf, as much as we can include her as she lives 200km away, wanted her to see the ultrasound but wanted to protect her in case things werent as they were suppose to be.

Now I wish i had rang and she had driven to the clinic and she had waited in the clinic until i knew it was all ok.

One of the first sights I saw in the ultrasound was our baby as a bobblehead! Then I realised it looked like a baby!!!! Arms, legs, face, head. Little tubby body 🙂

Then I asked about the heartbeat, and the ultrasound guy said, Yeah its there! (Phew, whole reason I was there!)

(When I saw my GP the next day, she asked why did he take all these pics, we just wanted to know it still had a heartbeat! I said that it was okay-it was $170 whether he took one scan pic or a lot!)

He also measured its head circumference (6cm) in case I want to knit a beanie, its crown-rump length (5.19cm) and its heartbeat (143 which my step-daughter tells me is perfect if it was a dog!-shes training to be a vet nurse!)

I then had to tell Ranga why I had been for a scan. He doesnt cope with decisions and stress at the best of times and he had had a few mind numbing days last week, so I hadnt told him about the spotting. He coped just fine and was just happy everything was fine!

So, the next scan is Tuesday 2 July. Its the nuchal translucency scan to measure for indictors of Down Syndrome etc. I am taking my little sister (who is unable to have children at all) and if the lil one moves and jives like it did on Monday, then she will in for a good show!

Sooooo relieved!


Blogs-so far behind…

Hi there all.

Back again, in holiday mode 🙂 and time to catch up. So many things have and havent happened but its the first day of winter school holidays and i can finally breathe. Ahhhhhh! I have the house to myself (lovely!) and am just poking around doing random bits here and there. Nice! Dont get me wrong-i love having my man around but i do really love some space and hes not the type of guy to head off with mates for a day out on weekends, leaving me to poke around with the vacuum or a good book or whateva i feel like doing. He has booked his next 4 day weekend away with mates fishing and i just cant wait!

School was super busy the last 4 weeks with report cards due after being checked twice and edited, checking reports for friends, the school musical that i do the makeup and videoing of, filling in time with 20 tired 9&10 yr olds who are busting for the holidays like me, trying not to throw up at work, finishing assessment for reporting…..and the list goes on!

what has happened tho, is that i am 11wks and 3days 🙂 We have been dismissed from our infertility dr and i am booked in to see my GP/gym buddy tomorrow for my first visit! I have booked the nuchal transluency test for next Tuesday (12wks 4 days) and am taking my lil sister with me to see the scan. Have had so many blog ideas but now my head is just empty-and for one big reason.

I have had some spotting. Not fresh but enough for my midwife friend to be consulted and she thought the same as me-get into the GP today, not tomorrow as i already had booked. So now, I am biding time for another 25 minutes till I leave to see the dr. Am not greatly worried-its oldish looking, no pain- and i havent told the ranga partner either. He doesnt cope well with any stress-had 2days off last week as he wasnt feeling mentally right-so telling him thats stuffs happened can happen later-when i know what to tell him Exactly. He’s always a glass half empty guy-I’m a glass is overflowing girl!

All will be ok I am sure. The morning sickness and sore boobs are still ever present-blessings but curses!-telling me hormones still jiving around. Will be back later today-hoping they might do a scan, wana see my jellybean PLUS Ranga’s almost 18yold daughter is here till tomorrow-would be cool if she could see a scan too!

Back soon 🙂


8 weeks and counting :-)

How far along: 8 weeks and 1 day

Baby Gestational age:  8 weeks and 0 days until 8 weeks and 6 days old.

Size – raspberry or jelly bean size

Length – 1.25cm and 1 mm a day

Weight – no idea

Developments – features developing, growing limbs and facial features, genitalia, fingers and toes,  maybe moving 🙂

Total weight gain: no idea

Maternity clothes? Nope, just not shirts, dresses or anything that sits on my belly

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Tired all of the time

Best moment this week? Remembered to take nausea drug before nausea kicked in!

Movement? No

Food cravings? No

Morning Sickness? Kicks in properly about 11:30 am till asleep

Anything making you queasy or sick? Meat cooking, strong smells including exhaust fumes and my dog’s biscuits, Jeans

Gender prediction? Girl!

Labor Signs? Nope

Symptoms? Constipation- keep forgetting prune juice to counteract estrogen tablets

Belly Button in or out? Inny and mega deep so doubt it will pop!

Wedding rings on or off? Wedding rings? Who needs em! Lol.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy now, less tears thank goodness!

Looking forward to? scan on thursday, giving up the estogen and progesterone, wearing jeans again soon 🙂


And then there was ‘The One’

Our lil jellybean! Beating along to its own lil tune!

It is 0.92cm long. 7wk 0days yesterday. Due date 10 January 2014

One lil jellybean and 2 superstoked parents!


We made a deal in the waiting room- i bet one baby, Ranga bet two. Loser buys lunch!
Dr made us bet that we will be back to collect our frosties- he wants a bottle of cab sav.


On the table, spread eagle & probing away, as you do. Dr says, “looks like you’re buying her lunch big fella!”

Before i knew it there was a black pit and a little straight speck. Thats our baby!

The dr found the heart beat and again so Ranga could video it on his phone. 🙂

The dr pointed out the bits like length, with an arrow on the screen-we saw its lil two chambered heart pumping away. Ranga videoed that too 🙂

We held hands, we kissed. The dr smiled and offered me a hand up. I grabbed it and kissed it. I then explained that out of 3 girls in our 2 families, i am the only one to ever have gotten this far. He smiled bigger than both of us!

He left the room and said come in when u r ready.

He worked out the date and said, keep doing what your doing (damn more head numbing oestrogen tablets) and see u in 2 weeks.

Now try wiping that smile off our faces.

We have a lil tiny minuscule baby. 🙂


6 weeks and counting :-)

Stolen from Chasing Rainbows…..Thank you 🙂

Info from Wikipedia and What to expect

How far along: 6 weeks 1 day or 5 weeks and 6 days (depending on which calculator i use)

Baby Gestational age: 6 weeks and 0 days until 6 weeks and 6 days old. 43–49 days from last menstruation.

Size – 10 000 times bigger than conception, size of a blueberry

Length – The embryo measures 9 mm (1/4 inch) in length.

Weight – no idea

Developments – Lens pits and optic cups form the start of the developing eye.
Nasal pits form.
The brain divides into 5 vesicles, including the early telencephalon.
Leg buds form and hands form as flat paddles on the arms.
Rudimentary blood moves through primitive vessels connecting to the yolk sac and chorionic membranes.
The metanephros, precursor of the definitive kidney, starts to develop.
The initial stomach differentiation begins.

Total weight gain: first round ivf in early Feb was 71.5kg, now about 73.5kg but stopped 6 day a week exercising since then so not pregnancy but food food food.

Maternity clothes? No but hate wearing tight stuff eg jeans. Want to live in trackie dacks 🙂

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Want to desperately during week but don’t have time thru work commitments

Best moment this week? Saw gentleman who gave my boss the ivf inside (will blog)
Miss Anything? Coke, since told about upcoming ivf treatment in Nov last year!

Movement? No

Food cravings? No

Morning Sickness? Randomly all day, sitting, standing, bending over, standing too quick!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Eating too quick

Gender prediction? Not an idea!

Labor Signs? Nope

Symptoms? Some pinchy feelings less often than last week, in lower abdomen

Belly Button in or out? Inny and mega deep so doubt it will pop!

Wedding rings on or off? Wedding rings? Who needs em! Lol.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, easily teary but try to control it

Looking forward to? Scan on Friday!!!!!! Bring it on!