Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

Its always the 24th…..

on September 22, 2013

This pregnancy has revolved around the 24th of most months.

My 5day transfer took place on 24th April.

My first scan was on the 24th of May.

I had spotting and emergency appointment @ 11wks 4 days on 24th June (& another scan!)…. The gp even asked my due date (9 January 14 = add them 9+1+14=24) as i mentioned had had scans exactly two months apart and she said, you will have it on the 24th December then ha ha ha!

I believe I felt the Ranga baby move for first time on 23rd July.

Our first photo with my darling partner, baby bump and myself was 24th August.

And today is the 23rd and i am booked in to my lil Russian Ob, for my 24wk checkup!!

Lets add some more 24’s now I think about it…..

My partners birthday is the 24th, next month….. The big 4-oh!

My first pregnancy miscarried 13yr ago on the 24th September…..

I bought my first solo house purchase on 24th September 2006…..

Now, not to do with the 24th but another interesting date I have found in my life is Nov 15.


I graduated high school on November 15th forever ago…..

My last coke (ahhhhh Coke i miss you!) was November 15th last year……also the day I met my Ivf miracle worker, Dr Hotty!

I was looking at finishing work perhaps at 32wks, pulled out the calendar and can u guess the date? November 15th! Exactly one year since our appointment that has turned our lives around…..

Now it may all be codwash, but it is interesting you have to admit 🙂


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