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What makes me sick….

on June 25, 2013

These are the things that cause me to feel nauseous/throw up/dry retch. I imagine in amonth’s time when other pregnancy stuff is happening, I am sure I will forget all the joys of morning sickness, so want to record things that affect me.

  1. The smell of myself in the toilet.
  2. the smell of others from the toilet.
  3. the smell of air freshener in the said toilet (Ranga’s deo is my new alternative!)
  4. the smell of handwash
  5. the smell of dog biscuits
  6. the smell of bacon or any meat cooking
  7. sitting straight upright
  8. anything going over my head
  9. anything near my throat (jumpers, shirts, necklaces, blankets, pillows)
  10. bending over (to pick up washing etc)
  11. bending to get and out of the car
  12. bending to do anything eg tie laces, pull up knickers, mark student’s work and so on.
  13. walking fast
  14. walking in windy conditions
  15. walking uphill
  16. talking loud for extended time eg telling story at dinner
  17. eating more than half a meal
  18. cordial

I think that it is all….am sure I will think of other things later 🙂

What makes you sick?



2 responses to “What makes me sick….

  1. JustHeather says:

    I hope most of this goes away soon. I was one of the very lucky ones that had very very mild nausea. In the later stages though, bending over and any tummy squishing would make food almost come up. I have a sensitive nose anyway, but it got worse during pregnancy, so onions, stale alcohol, body oder, cigarette smoke, people who bathed in Indian food smells, etc were horrible! Especially when stuck on the bus and I couldn’t get fresh air!

  2. baylord1 says:

    Ugh.. I have a lot on that list, my necklace was removed at 6 weeks and I’ve yet to try it again! I also get sick if I have to pee but I’ve waited because I’m not near a bathroom. Laughing too!

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