Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

Count down to the end

on June 2, 2013

there are a few things i am counting down till…….

  1. The end of progesterone cream 2x a day
  2. the end of the estrogen head ache inducing tablets
  3. the end of morning sickness all of the waking hours
  4. the end of energy-less days
  5. the end of school term and report cards
  6. the end of not being able to exercise while waiting out the 12wk clearance and my energy to return
  7. the end of lying to people about whats really happen while i am working with them and trying not to dry heave
  8. the end of not feeling anything like my real self

just saying………….




One response to “Count down to the end

  1. baylord1 says:

    How are you feeling? When is your next u/s? I’ve been trying to comment for a week and WordPress has been uncooperative!

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