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Pipped at the post.

on May 28, 2013

Am pretty pissed, disappointed, upset. The wind has been taken out of my sails.

My youngest cousin who was married 4 months ago, is pregnant. She was a single mum at 23, totally pampered and funded by my aunt and uncle when she wanted stuff, anything, even before her first child was born.

Her mum, my mums big sister, was my favourite aunt and mums best friend until their mum passed away. The family fighting has started and at the wedding recently it reached a crescendo. As i was in the middle of ivf (they don’t know), it was 3rd week back after summer holidays and i couldn’t fly/drive over 900km each way in one weekend for a one night celebration, they were peeved.

The spoilt bitch (sorry but….), who my parents drove 12 hours to witness get married, got her mother to ask if we could return her wedding present as she already had one. It didn’t matter that it was specially engraved. It didn’t matter that they only opened half of it. It didn’t matter that it was given early to be used at the cutting of the wedding cake. It didn’t matter to my aunty who asked for the return in front of the rest of my aunts and uncles at breaky the next day, then praise the others for their gifts.

And now, the bitch, is pregnant.

This is the brat who used to smoke and drop the butts on the roof of the bottom floor of their $3m house, when she was 14.

This is the little brat who would cry and get whatever she wanted when shopping, at home.

This is the teenager who would make plans and her mum just had to change her plans to get her there.

I am not jealous….everyone has their own battles thats for sure.

But her family have so far produced 5 great grandchildren for my Poppy. We have no grandchildren in our branch of the family-i am the only one who can have children.

I have another cousin who is pregnant with their first and i am stoked for them (dads family)

I just wanted our baby to be its own sort of special for our very distant but large family.

As the absolute middle cousin of 11 grandkids, I just wanted my own bit of the spotlight.


4 responses to “Pipped at the post.

  1. I completely understand! I would keep difficult family members at arms length and try not to let the fighting and bad manners get to your baby. I’ve watched cousins grow up spoiled like that and all I can say is that I refuse to let my children behave like that!

  2. JustHeather says:

    Ugh, so sorry for difficult family and those who feel so entitled. (I hope you took the gift back and kept the money!) I’ve got family drama of my own going on and just wish it would go away. lol

    • tazdream says:

      Wt?!!! Omg?! Seriously! Wow! Um, thanks cause i have no idea what that is!!! 🙂 will check out the link tonight on my computer rather than rushing now on my phone!

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