Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

With thanks.

on May 19, 2013

This afternoon at the servo I introduced myself to a stranger that has helped me more than he knows. He and his wife underwent many rounds of ivf to give birth to twins. He is a principal and good friend of my principal.

One day my boss told me that they had spoken about the whole ivf process and the toll it takes- mental, emotional, physical. The man, named Jay, told my boss how hard it all was, to be gentle on me and give me all the time i need. My boss, who is a family man but a very opinionated male, has followed him to a tee!

So today after introducing myself to Jay, the first thing i did was apologise for my ‘attire’-wintery trackie dacks, uggies, hoodie – explaining that morning sickness makes me feel like these clothes.

His smile lit up his face!

He asked the details as only an ivfer does-how far along? How many rounds? Which doctor?

Then he said, ‘so what was yr first hcg number?’
A reply of 7 hundred…….didnt even finish and and he said that i was sure to be having twins!

Told him we find out this Friday and he said, ‘do you want to see what yr working for? Oh no, he’s picking his nose!’ and we gazed thru the car window at one of his 4 yr old twins!

I hope he feels that how much he has helped a fellow ivfer – my boss has been brilliant to work with and i believe it is all his doing.


One response to “With thanks.

  1. newtoivf says:

    So great to hear, a little understanding goes a long way

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