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My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

Apologies for last night

on May 15, 2013

This is really quick as i have to go to work but i desperately need to apologise to my lil christmas beetle/s for last night.

I went to a fundraiser for a friend doing a kokoda track fundraiser at the gold coast. A lot of my gym buddies were there and i spent the night telling bullshit stories about being sick, allegic to prawns and brie, no i dont drink alcohol, nah not running at moment-havent been well. And finally to a friend who was trying when we started 2 1/2 yes ago, nope have given up.

This is way worse than the tww and i hate lying to everyone!!!

And i feel so bad to my lil beetle/s that i cant acknowledge their existence in public…..just yet!


7 responses to “Apologies for last night

  1. I completely understand. I turned down bake sale goodies at school and I’m starting to show. Can’t keep it a secret for long. I do wish my family didn’t know so early, though we didn’t have any way to get around that, because they’ve been worse at keeping our secret than we have!

  2. baylord1 says:

    Me too! It’s no fun making up believable excuses why we’re not joining in. I want to shout, I’m pregnant that’s why I can’t play!!!

  3. kastreet says:

    I soo get this! I’ve been doing the same types of things!!

    • tazdream says:

      I ate crusty bread pieces for the whole night-everything else was soft cheeses, dips of ?, pestos and cold seafood. How embarrasing!

      • kastreet says:

        Aww! God that sounds good! Lol! It seems I crave what I can’t have. Remember cooked seafood is ok in small portions. I had crab legs a couple times last time and YUMMO! Calamari too. I’m very picky with what I will eat at this point though. Good job avoiding temptation Mama! The little Xmas beetle is proud (and hungry- now go have a snack!)

      • tazdream says:

        Eat good most of day-yoghurt, 2 fruit, weetbix and veges and meat for tea. Was starving the next morning!

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