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The big chat and four carseats!

on May 13, 2013

My Ranga partner and I headed to the big smoke today to pick up more crinone to get me thru till our visit for our first scan next Friday (yay!)

It was soooooo weird, all the nurses and office girls saying congrats, well done etc when we havent really talked much about it ourselves (Ranga was away for 10 days when i poas, has only been home 2 days most of which has been spent with family!)

I very rarely say anything but did wiggle around after 2hrs of sitting in the car-slight nausea. Then we sat for lunch and I said that I was glad we had stopped, was getting tired.
He said that I just need to tell him. If I am tired, we would have stopped. If i feel sick he would pull over. If these headaches are annoying, just go and lay down.

So the trip over was pretty quiet but after shopping and on the way home the bigger chats started.

Which room will we put the baby/ies in?
Will we keep my school office set up?
What about his 18yo daughters stuff?
Can we move our room around to fit in a crib for a while?
Where will we put the spare bed?

Then he says…. I guess we will need 4 carseats if its twins cause you need 2 of everything.
FOUR carseats?
Yeah cause we are not going to move carseats around because we decide to take the ute somewhere!

Male thinking for you, but definitely a good laugh!

He is very keen now and hopes that people aren’t jumping the gun (for Mothers Day my mum gave us a white knitted jumper for a 6mth old she started knitting when i was pregnant 12yrs ago!)

He said that reality hit him on his way home from the fishing trip, that come next year when he goes fishing there will be another 1 or 2 to say goodbye to. I said that was easy, we’d come too!

Hmmmm not such a good idea he reckons!

We will see……….Lol!


3 responses to “The big chat and four carseats!

  1. I can’t wait to hear if its twins or not. I’ve had tons of conversations with my husband about needing two of everything but he never mentioned four carseats, haha! I’m pretty sure a new car is in my future though. It’s definitely put a damper on some things, like a work trip I was dying to join him on but now he isn’t going because its during my last trimester and we’d both be extremely upset if something happened while he was away.

    • tazdream says:

      My lease on my car is up first week of january and its really a family sized car so will just pay it out and keep. Otherwise if it didnt work we were both looking at getting 2 doors- his a 2 dr 4wd and mydream of a zippy sprtscar! Much prefer the results at the moment tho!

  2. I have a 4 door hatchback and I have no idea if we’ll be able to keep it but we’re going to try. It was my compromise between zippy and practical. Never thought I’d worry about a double stroller so soon! But I agree. I’d much rather be pregnant than driving my dream car! (Just don’t ask my husband that question haha!)

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