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Eat? Dont eat? The battle of eating out for Mothers Day!

on May 11, 2013

I have only been able to ask two people about what to eat and what to avoid. They are my friend/ivfer of 3yo twins and my gym sister/midwife/baby health nurse friend.

Most of what they say is the same. Except for nuts!

A few staff members at school have had babies over few yrs and they have avoided nuts so i asked the baby health nurse what she thought and she said she had never heard that before.

I researched Dr Google and found this very easy to use table which i might print out and stick on the fridge.

Yet again, no mention of nuts so i am putting it out there to you…..Nuts? Seeds? Yay or nay?

Forgot the whole Mothers Day spiel…..a day of cold chook and pre packed salads and family members who don’t know! Argh! Will have honey on a fresh bread roll me thinks šŸ˜‰


5 responses to “Eat? Dont eat? The battle of eating out for Mothers Day!

  1. Persephone says:

    I thought I read be careful with nuts if you’re allergic (obvious) but even if the daddy is, it should be okay. Nuts are really healthy and I spent the first trimester eating brazil nuts as healthy snacks.

  2. Nushi says:

    My mum believes in natural remedies and I remember when my sis was pregnant, my mum suggested “no cashew nuts for the first trimester”. I don’t know what the logic is but other nuts seemed fine…

  3. JustHeather says:

    I didn’t hear anything about not eating nuts and ate them when I felt like it during my pregnancy. Although, I did stay away from almonds and hazelnuts, but that’s just because they irritate my throat when I eat them (minor allergy/irritant).
    That’s a good list you found for what to eat and not eat. I did eat some deli meat while pregnant as it just didn’t occur to me not to. Nothing wrong. I probably also ate some cookie dough with egg in it too. (Although, later on I found a non-egg cookie dough recipe, meant to be eaten raw. lol) I love that they say you can eat sushi!! but just no raw fish. I ate tons of sushi (yes, it was prepared in a restaurant). I think it all has to do with just being careful and using common sense.

    I also cleaned the cat litter box during my entire pregnancy (with gloves in the beginning), and nothing happened. I just made sure to wash really well after.

  4. limitlessmum says:

    I had a nightmare at my Mother’s Day lunch! It was a fixed menu and I was trying to make out that I was being totally cool but there was NOTHING I could eat without making a fuss! Barramundi (too much Mercury), Oysters, duck (can you cook it all the way through?), lamb (same)… I ended up getting tears in my eyes worrying about it all. But in the end I sorted it by having lots of bread to start and a bit of the rest of the menu where I could… I even asked if the ice-cream at the end was pasteurised! My waitress did give me a bit of a look. But you need to know, don’t you?! So pleased I’m back in charge of dinner tonight (never thought I’d say that!)

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