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What to do about The Wild Thing with the Fisherman

on May 9, 2013

Needing some advise….

The man will be home in 1 1/2 days from a ten day testosterone filled fishing trip, smelling of fish and bait, hairy as and probably hornier than that!

When he left he was on rations, we were on the two week wait and anyway, he hates the sharing of the crinone.

So when he returns I will be 5wk exactly and I know what the topics of conversation will be:
1. God I need a shave
2. God I need a decent shower
3. God I missed you (read as, god I am horny, what are you doing meeting me with clothes on?!)

So, heres where i need help? Whats the ‘safe’ options? Is it too early? Shit shit shit!

Don’t wont to buggar up 12 yrs of waiting and $$$$$$$$$ my shares at the Fertility Clinic!

Girls……I need your advise! And ASAP!!!!


3 responses to “What to do about The Wild Thing with the Fisherman

  1. It hasn’t been a problem for us, although endometrin is similar to crinone in one respect and it has been uncomfortable for me. Perfectly safe as long as you aren’t breaking any other restrictions like lifting heavy things or jarring movements. Just make him do all the work this time. 😉

  2. cindysn says:

    It will not be an issue. Enjoy yourself!!!

  3. kastreet says:

    My RE said no sex until you see the heartbeat. This go round though, after all that happened, my DH and I have decided no sex until the baby gets here.

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