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My precious cargo for my 2 sisters

on April 25, 2013

I have rarely written here about my family, mainly just my experiences as we undergo ivf, icsi and now a frozen transfer.

There is a lot of unspoken pressure on my cargo bundles to perform….I will explain why.

My one and only sibling sister cannot have children. Point blank. Not a chance in hell! Her hubby’s sperm couldn’t find their in a way in a womb full of eggs! And his partner, my lil sis? Well she had a brain tumour at age 14. It was successfully removed from her brain, spinal column, spine and skull but with life altering repercussions. If any cells had remained, the tumour would have regrown on her spine so massive amounts of radiotherapy was given the full length of her spine, killing anything along the way. This included her cervix, uterus, pituitary glands and thyroid glands. She has also since suffered a stroke. They did try ivf and were able to get about 3 follicles to grow, but not mature enough to produce eggs.

My darling Ranga partner’s sister chose to fall in love the married next door neighbour when she was 18. He came with 3 children and a vasectomy. They tried to reverse it, collecting his goodies to make a baby but no luck. His children have produced grandchildren which are shared very freely and love her to bits and fill in a big bit of that void. Ranga also has 2 brothers who both have very loved, troublesome not so little boys, but it doesn’t make up for his only sister not being able to have a child.

Both girls have been so supportive, keeping up to date, asking questions and maintaining positivity. Sis-in-law is one of my bestest friends ever. It breaks my heart, I am sure it breaks hers but she is just precious. She wished the other day that she could being doing ivf with me too (she is only just 40) and I felt so bad for dumping a lot of my chats on her but she said its ok. She has made peace with it, saying, “If I can’t have what I want, I’ll do what I want!”

Two very special sisters keeping everything crossed for us xo


One response to “My precious cargo for my 2 sisters

  1. cindysn says:

    Thats awesome that you have their support!!!

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