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The problems with being a teacher…… Part 1

on April 2, 2013

Names! Yep, future children’s names!

As a teacher I have taught or known hundreds of kids. Its an occupational hazard. Every name reminds you of someone you have taught or has been at your school, even if only for a week.

I have taught permanently for 10 years, so 10 years x 30 students = 300 names.

Add to that the other 200 kids in my school that I have supervised on duty, heard about in the staff room or in meetings…..

I was a relief/supply teacher for 8 years before that so add another conservative guess of 30 or 40 classes a year to the list!

My prospective name list is fairly tainted 😦

I can even tell you the name of one student from my first prac because as I read out the roll on my very first work experience day, one lil girl piped up… “Yeah Miss, this here is Billy Cotton but dont worry, you will remember it by the end of the day.” (Hint hint! This lil guy is a bit of trouble, she was saying!)

One name has always been a fav (Alexia) and I have been able to avoid it……… Until last year! Even the middle name was the same (Louise)!!

And she’s a feisty lil ranga tomboy…..not how I envisioned my lil strawberry blonde, curly haired, delicate princess!

Back to the drawing board……..


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