Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

The fun IVF bits they don’t tell you!!

on March 24, 2013

I thought I was pretty well read on all things IVF but as we go along the path to creating a family, you are let into more and more secrets. Secrets that, although embarrassing, gross and uncomfortable, will hopefully result in morning sickness which in turn makes you feel gross, horrible and uncomfortable. Please remember tho that everyone’s experiences and side effects are different.

1. Crinone is a vaginal cream that is inserted internally 2 times a day. It also dribbles out all day, and may continue to be present at the most unwelcome times, like, 2 weeks later during intercourse or during an internal scan!

2. Crinone needs to be inserted for 8-10 WEEKS!!! Yes, weeks! 2 times a day!

3. Sore boobs, bloating and twinges happen but sh!t doesn’t!!!!bless the Lord for Metamucil!

4. Bruises are tough scars and sometimes the only reminder you have, that you did inject that morning as days blur into one.

5. Injections hurt. Yep, one of my needles are thicker and I know it! Nearly brings tears every time.

6. Start buying shares in the Libra sanitary protection company- you want it, i have got it!

7. And buy shares in the specialist or hospital carpark too…….probably cheaper than the massive fees they charge!

8. No questions are off limits to the ivf nurses. I want the best result, they want to help me get the best result so just ask (find this is best over the phone- faceless works best for me!)

9. Every cycle may not be the same. Sore boobs now but still waiting for the bloated tummy that was very evident last cycle.

10. Its okay to “shoot up” in the car or wherever you may be. Weird as hell but anyway…..

11. Nausea happens and happens and happens!!! Sitting is worse tho so try and stay mentally busy if having to sit for long time. My 2 hour drive to the gyno is murder if i am a passenger and not driving.

12. Chocolate is working really well for me too…..and lots of it! What’s your vice? 🙂

13. Tired! I could go to bed at 8pm, sleep till 6am and have a nanny nap by 10am. Unfortunately, my workplace is not that kind!

14. Remembering your ultimate goal as you wake with cramps, bloating and all the other joys can be difficult….. It will be worth it!

15. Remember your story is different to everyone else (learnt this one the hard way!) Go with the flow, follow the instructions and your future will follow its designated path.

And lastly…….

16. Kisses on the head, thoughtful gestures and just being nice will get you everywhere with your partner. Don’t pump it more than u need to, they’re worried, stressed and as confused as you are and one day you may really really need them and they will be over it all xo Bless my ranga-mate xo



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