Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

THE transplant, aka the planting!!!!

on March 1, 2013

Funny how it all happened actually. In some stages it felt like a bad Benny Hill movie but more about that as we go.

We were booked in for 9:15am with a 10am delivery time so decided to deliver some furniture to the step-daughter’s new first-time-moved-out flat on the way. This meant leaving at 5am! I can handle 5:something but not getting up at 4:something.

The furniture was delivered, more stuff packed to bring home, then off into the city.

I was dropped out the front, abused by the cafe owner for using her cafe as an entry to the clinic (I didn’t see the wkend entrance next her cafe till after oops!), walked inside and starting drinking, drinking and drinking as I had been directed!

Drinking water for ultrasounds is usually ok but my abdomen had been so sore, tender, empty but full from the EPU (egg pick up) that the water was a slow agony.

We were called in for our brief with embryologist who, ahhhhhh….gave us our own first pics of our freckly-ranga-blastocysts taken 2 hours previously. THE KIDS were real, in our hands. Our lil union in print!! Wanted to tear up truthfully………big breaths! Treasure!!!!

Sent back out to drink, met the girls from the recovery room from EPU time and drank more.

In the room, it was so small that we were pushing past each other as my partner was as nervous as I was. He was in charge of the ultrasound and held it hard, very hard, on my swollen, full, tender belly after the magic planting spot was found by the nurse.

Imagine this. Behind a small curtain, legs up, at eye height for the nurse, lit up inside and out, and theres a knock on the door.

It opens from the outside.

“I have a delivery. I need you to sign here.”

A delivery, on a Saturday!!! My ranga reckons it was the stork just stopping by!!!!! Lol!

Back to the matter at hand, push again on that ultrasound, then the nurse drops…..something! Not the blastocysts….phew!!

In for another look and she says, “Oooooooo!” What?????? “You have an extremely small cervical opening and we will need to use a stiffener.”

Now, I had told everyone, asked everyone, at every appointment, as my regular GP tried to insert a mireena (iud?) years ago with agonizing, painful, unsuccessful results. Everyone I had told said they did it all the time and my GP was unexperienced and thats why he had problems.

Wrong answer!! I have an extremely small cervical opening, and theres 2 walls to it.

Press hard on the ultrasound, pop thru one wall of the cervix, get the kids, pop thru the other wall, grab hard on the man’s shirt and breathe thru gritted teeth!

Then the magic words…..”DONE!”

Off the table, get dressed and stand there chatting to the nurse and embryologist about next steps…….unofficially pregnant!

Next, we hope they stick, head to a toilet stop and to a pub for lunch, avoiding potholes, sharp corners and speed bumps! (Pretty sure they can’t fall out! Lol!!)

Fingers crossed! X


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