Blighted Bellies n Pelvic Dreams

My journey to having a baby as a 38 yo with undetected Pelvic Inflammation Disease

No steroids, just gestational diabetes now…..

Sorry but f@ck this sh!t!! Why cant i just be pregnant? not pregnant with…….something!!!!

Rd 1 ivf -sperm liked my girls too much n over fertilised.

rd 2 icsi – but too much progesterone so transfer cancelled, only to successfully implant fet the next month.

progerstone headache for 13 wks, morning sickness till 20wks plus….some foods still give indigestion.

low lying placenta all along and at 24 wks booked in for steroids.

go for steroids and they are cancelled due to diabetes and they muck up yr sugar levels for up to 2 wks.

one hour visit to diabetes dietician, load up with testers, food lists n instructions, off to chemist to buy other bits n medication to help.

isnt it hard enough that i had to suffer thru ivf medications, headaches n constipation.

isnt it hard enough that i had to cancel all forms of my gym exercise while ivf meds made me sick then placenta previa could move my placenta at any time.

isnt it hard enough that i have had to mentally prepare myself for steroid shots.

now i have fkn gestational diabetes!.

my only way of thinking is this bubba is giving me a taste of ALL pregnancy symptoms because we keep saying its going to be the only one.

frustrated-placenta previa means no exercise but GD states 1/2 hr moderate exercise each day!

have put on 6kgs max since start of ivf…..and repeatedly told how small my bump is for 26 weeks But concerned about baby being too big (measuring 50th percentile in weight)

Wheres the middle ground? 

F@ck this sh!t!!!!!!!!!!



26wks n steroid shots

Yep tomorrow i have my first steroid shot in case Ranga B decides to make an early appearance then back to the drs Friday for the 2nd lot exactly 24hrs later. I havent had any problems so far and feeling blessed still-lotsa nanny naps which i will miss when school goes back next week. My Ranga partner has two days off work to ferry me the hour long trip each way to the dr. Also get the gestational diabetes results tomorrow too. (Don’t get me started on THAT!) not worried about either issues tomorrow-if its what i have to do, its what i will do! Nothing NOTHING compares to the ivf roundabout and medication!

Have decided i will finish work earlier….now just to decide when to tell my students as i have some students who totally dont cope with change.

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The meltdown had to happen sometime.

It was bound to happen at some stage I guess. I have been told all along I have a low-lying placenta…with the good chance it will move.

Nope, nada, hasn’t happened! Placenta Previa it is!

Is this a worry?

When your gym buddy/local DR tells you – oh yeah, no gym for you, lets aim to get to 28 weeks in one piece first, then yep its a worry!

Went to ob/gyno fellow, Dr V, says it is still Stage 2….lying just just JUST beside or across my cervix. When your ob is happy to discuss emergency plans about possibilities (ambulance, fly out, don’t call local aged care they’re useless), its a worry!

Its not the C-section I am worried about.

Its being at work and bleeding starting. Its the 1/2 hour drive from any hospital.

1 1/2 hours from nearest biggish hospital.

2 1/2 hours from nearest Capital city.

Its bleeding profusely in front of a group of 9 and 10 year olds, 2 of which have parents expecting and 1 has a sister expecting!

And from Dr V and Dr Google, it is something that needs to be considered.

So today I am going to visit the office ladies at work (am on school hols 🙂 ) and give them my partner’s phone number, direct line at work.

I am going to tell them its VERY important and what I will do if something unforeseen happens! Hoping that one won’t laugh (nervous laugh but still off putting).

I am going to make sure I carry my mobile phone EVERYWHERE at school next term.

I am going to be prepared!

So the meltdown?

I had to convince my stepdaughter (18yo) to come to ob appointment with me, as Dr V (over 1 hour away by the way) discussed last time the possible need for steroids to strengthen Ranga baby’s lungs just in case. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be given then and there. I didn’t know if I could drive after. I didn’t tell her that tho. Just play along and be happy happy!

At the appointment, the bookings were made for the steroid shots to be given next Thurs and Fri-24 hours apart. All good! I can handle that, or so I thought!

Cooking tea that night, I was so sore from sanding a little bookshelf that I was having trouble cutting corn cobs in half. After being an amateur (read that as social!) gym junky, having sore arms is common but not from bloody sanding a 2ft tall bookshelf! Weak as piss!

The dogs (4 of them when step daughter visits!) were under my feet, in the way (I have already burnt myself on a roast the week before from not thinking straight!) and they were kicked out of the kitchen. BUT I didn’t realise the lounge door had been shut for this to occur. So, when I was frustratingly cutting the corn, calling for help and blubbing like a baby, I just had no energy. I gave in. I cried. I got the corn half cut and couldn’t do any more. I grabbed a BIG knife (blunt as!), jammed in the same cut I had started and SMACKED that corn onto the table until it snapped in half. SMACKA!

Corn was everywhere! Smashed corn is hard to clean up!

It was all over the table, partner’s work jacket hanging on opposite chair.

The fridge about 4 foot away, and the pantry beside it!

My folder of baby info and dvd case of 3D pics!


Ranga came in and I was blubbing and cooking and cleaning up-he never saw even half the mess!

He cuddled me and offered to take over cooking tea, to go and have a shower but I powered through. A shower/break meant I would have kept blubbing longer!

He was so sweet!

Even nicer, the next day he texted me to tell me he has those 2 days off work to take me for the shots! AHHHH! He has to fight to use RDO/accured hours, has no sick leave left, his base pay is pathetic (about 1/2) and he loses his daily bonus every day he doesn’t work. But he moved mountains, saw the boss higher up and did it without me knowing. What a sweetie!

Meltdowns suck, but it got everything out a little bit more and made me realise that I don’t have to be wonderwoman all the time!




Small bump apparently…

I must have a very small bump, even at 24 1/2 weeks.

The lady in the baby shop asked the other day if the purchase was for me.

The tyre salesman (family friend) asked why I needed to sort my tyre problem out….why was I taking leave?

At a friend’s hen party the other night, many people didn’t recognise I was pregnant, just had a good feed of Chinese!

BUT…at my partner’s work party the other night, the Ranga baby was loved and patted and rubbed beyond belief! Am amazed my chiffon top hasn’t got boobles from being rubbed! One chicky (tad drunk mind you!) kicked my foot by mistake and grabbed my tummy and apologised to it, very close to it!

I may have a small bump, but I am wearing it all on my arse!!! Oh and boobs according to my partner!

Chocolate and potatoes do that to you apparently! Lol!

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Its always the 24th…..

This pregnancy has revolved around the 24th of most months.

My 5day transfer took place on 24th April.

My first scan was on the 24th of May.

I had spotting and emergency appointment @ 11wks 4 days on 24th June (& another scan!)…. The gp even asked my due date (9 January 14 = add them 9+1+14=24) as i mentioned had had scans exactly two months apart and she said, you will have it on the 24th December then ha ha ha!

I believe I felt the Ranga baby move for first time on 23rd July.

Our first photo with my darling partner, baby bump and myself was 24th August.

And today is the 23rd and i am booked in to my lil Russian Ob, for my 24wk checkup!!

Lets add some more 24’s now I think about it…..

My partners birthday is the 24th, next month….. The big 4-oh!

My first pregnancy miscarried 13yr ago on the 24th September…..

I bought my first solo house purchase on 24th September 2006…..

Now, not to do with the 24th but another interesting date I have found in my life is Nov 15.


I graduated high school on November 15th forever ago…..

My last coke (ahhhhh Coke i miss you!) was November 15th last year……also the day I met my Ivf miracle worker, Dr Hotty!

I was looking at finishing work perhaps at 32wks, pulled out the calendar and can u guess the date? November 15th! Exactly one year since our appointment that has turned our lives around…..

Now it may all be codwash, but it is interesting you have to admit 🙂

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20weeks pic

20weeks pic

Sorry this didnt attach before…… 🙂

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20 weeks then 23 weeks

20 weeks then 23 weeks

Here is our lil Ranga baby at 20 weeks (very dodgy male ultrasound guy did it but didnt want to!) compared to 23 weeks (professional 3d/4d clinic!) am totally amazed at the changes esp the filling out of the bubba! Have another 87 -23 wk shots but this is the best! We’re gonna have a baby!!!!!!!


Progynova and I- will our relationship end tomorrow?

12weeks 4 days 🙂

I am on 2 x 2mg Progynova every day, have been since day 1, and I suffer massive headaches. Tonight I think it would almost be called a migraine-never had one so not really sure but have had this massive headaches a few times in the past 3 months.

Tomorrow I am meeting my new specialist dr and really hoping that he says I can stop the Progynova tablets. My IVF doctor said to stop taking them at 12 weeks but after some spotting at 11 weeks, he told me to stay put until I check in with my new doc.

I decided to research the side effects of Progynova tonight, in more detail. I had a quick look when I started and noted the headaches but that was all. Now, the list of side effects is making me wonder if I really do have morning sickness OR medication side effects. The list of my symptoms are…. headaches, massively sore boobs, nausea, irregular constipation, veejayjay dryness and surprise surprise-they are all the effects of the drugs. Have surfed some fertility chats and they have the same effects, down to the point of one person noting that the headaches and lethargy got worse as the day went on (yep! same here!)

So, if I can finish (please please) the tablets tomorrow, I wonder how long they will take to get out of my system. I can’t wait for the headache (its only one headache and just is ongoing!)  to just go away…….

And I thought that the cold turkey headache whenever I gave up Coke (caffeine) was bad.


Caesarean? Natural birth? Next decision.

I went to the GP on Tuesday for my first antenatal visit and she was lovely. I have a diary that I have tracked all my IVF milestones in, and now it will be my pregnancy one. I had a list of questions for her and she let me go through them. One of them tho was NOT-what type of delivery do I want? She suggests, she pretty well tells you very strongly, that a caesarean is the best and only option. No discussion.

She has all the right words to turn me off giving birth in our small local hospital where Ranga, his brothers n sister and both parents, were born. As I work in a small school about 20mins from home, in a very low socio-economic area, she knows a lot of the clientele I work with. She said that every child and parent who came to town shopping would stop in to say hi to Miss V and check out the baby. They would also have their 5 other children, Nanna and the best friend when they stopped in. If I am lucky, the other four beds in the maternity ward (makes no difference if yr private or public patient) would have at least one of their friends who they would then visit, go and have a smoke with, then return to say bye. Enough said.

Her other turning words were-do you know about the rectal damage caused from giving birth? Do you know how many mothers cant run, jump on a trampoline and so on with their kids in case they crap themselves? Urgh!

Her last words that were very true I think, were that I AM 38, will be 39 by the time the baby is born. Labour will be exhausting. I will be tired before giving birth from just being fat and 39. My body may not bounce back like a 20 yo. My muscles may not stretch like a 30 yo. Caesarean = 20 mins waa waa heres your baby! (her words exactly!)

So I am researching it. My friend the midwife is going to talk to us one weekend about both options. I am having lunch with a work colleague today who gave birth by caesarean to no. 4 when she was 39. I am meeting the suggested Ob for a chat next week.

Realistically, a caesarean is really where I am thinking now. I will be just excited to be having a baby, as long as it is safe and healthy I dont care how it gets here 🙂

Whats your thoughts? Please share!!!!!


What a difference 2 months makes!